Wherever you live you can get high speed broadband.

Satellite Internet

Dekko Projects Ltd provides everything you need, installed and ready to go for you to receive satellite broadband.
Packages start at less than £1 per day.


How satellite broadband works

How does it work?

Recently a new satellite solution has been enabled bringing always-on, high-speed internet access to Europe. Your outside satellite dish can be connected so that your PC or home network links directly to the Internet via satellite and without the need for a telephone line.


Installation consists of a small satellite dish installed by our trained technicians outside your home.
We provide all the hardware that’s needed and can integrate the satellite broadband to your existing network.


We can provide download speeds of up to 10 Mbps and upload speeds at up to 4 Mbps.




What package to go for?

Satellite broadband packages

Need help selecting the right package for you? Contact Dekko Projects Ltd on 01908 371 488 or email info@dekko-it.co.uk

Satellite broadband is the environmentally friendly choice

Satellite communication is probably the most environmentally-friendly way to communicate over long distance today. It is the only way to reach isolated areas with high speed connectivity without having to install environmentally-expensive land lines or build complex ground infrastructure.

Unlike other wired communication technologies that require energy-expensive civil engineering works to every house, a single satellite consumes little to no fuel to run and can serve entire continents.

The satellite transmissions run on 100% solar energy and the complete satellite launch procedure, using hydrogen engines, generates about the same amount of CO2 as a normal US coast-to-coast aeroplane trip on a Boeing 747!

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Contact Dekko Projects Ltd on 01908 371 488 or email info@dekko-it.co.uk