Apple Unveil the iPhone 5 at San Francisco Press Event

After months of hype, Apple have finally launched the newest addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 5.

The new handset will feature a slight design overhaul incorporating a larger 4” display, as well as the latest A6 processor chip – which is twice as fast as previous models. The new processor has been engineered to maximise graphical performance whilst optimising battery life.

Apple have really gone to town when it came to making the new model lighter and thinner – they have managed to make the iPhone 5 only 7.6 mm in thickness. They also reduced the size of the SIM card by 44% and the size of the camera, whilst improving its capabilities. Despite increasing the size of the screen to 4 inches, they have maintained portability, practicality and comfortable user experience, in stark comparison to other phones on the market.

The Genius’s at Apple have also optimised the retina display to support 16:9 ratio, equivalent to that of a widescreen TV display, thus vastly improving video playback.

The new device is the same price as the previous 4S, but is packed with more features than its predecessor.

As with the older models, the iPhone 5 will come in either black or white, but these have been combined with either silver or slate to provide a higher quality finish.

The interface has also been modified to include another line for apps and a more responsive display.